Rocket Boy Prototype

First update! ?

1. Thank you

Firstly, thanks to the people who provided feedback on Reddit, seeing your interest in the game really means a lot and will definitely fuel my desire to see Rocket Boy becoming a full game.

Your feedback also inspired what direction I want to take the game and who the audience is.

2. Who am I?

Sammy Helali and cat
Me and Figaro the cat

My name is Sammy Helali, I am a self employed software developer located in Denmark, where I live with my girlfriend and our two cats.

Currently I make a living through my company Lunoware where I offer web and software development services for companies. In my spare time I work on my own projects such as Rocket Boy.

3. Joining forces

After deciding to continue developing the game I found it necessary for me to find a skillful visual artist with game-development experience. So I contacted an old classmate and friend of mine and presented him with the prototype and feedback from Reddit, he was immediately interested in joining me in development of the game.

Kasper Rosenlund
Kasper Rosenlund

His name is Kasper Rosenlund, he has worked at companies like Aardman Animations and LEGO. Not only is he a talented illustrator, he also has programming experience in regards to game development. So his assistance will be very useful.

Illustration made by Kasper Rosenlund
Illustration by Kasper Rosenlund

4. Next step

In the next few weeks we will focus a lot on the graphics and general gameplay.


The visual style of the prototype does seem to work quite well and has received a lot of positive feedback, so we will continue working with this style as the framework.

We have created a board on Pinterest which you can see here. This will help us define the feeling and visual style.

Story and gameplay

We want the game to be story driven in some aspects, while still letting the user solve problems in their own way and explore what they want to.

Creativity and exploration are key. The player should be able to create their own crafts to achieve their goals weather this is to go to another planet or finish a mission.

Social media and community

I will post updates on this blog and engage with people commenting on the posts. But to stay more in touch with the community between blog-updates I have created a Twitch-channel, where I will stream development and testing of the game in the future.

Go to to follow us on Twitch.

5. Further development


Some key mechanics we currently have on the drawing board for the game:

  • Vehicle-construction.
  • Inventory.
  • Rocket durability.
  • Minerals and fuel.
  • NPC’s.


The Rocket Boy prototype is written in Objective-C using SpriteKit framework, this means the prototype is limited to iOS and OSX. We want the game to be available on as many platforms as possible, for this reason we will create the game in Unity2D.

6. Feedback

I hope you will continue to provide feedback throughout development of the game, since I believe it will be vital for the creating of a compelling and fun game. Feel free to leave a comment below.


Thanks for reading!

Kind regards

Sammy Helali
Lead Developer

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